Mission + Purpose

To bring a fast fashion alternative while invoking positive changes socially and environmentally.

Uplifting women into their true power as they express themselves guilt free through the clothing they wear. 







Be You    


What I can't stand with fast fashion brands are dishonesty and secrets. With Celestin I aim to be as transparent as possible sharing all aspects of the business even times I fuck up. The thing is you can't be you if you're not honest and neither can this brand. The only thing I won't share is my deadstock fabric suppler because that can potentially lead people to ripping off my designs, I hope you understand.   



Clothing That Fits

Something I always struggled with when it came to shopping was finding clothes that fit my body type. This is a problem many of us face which is why I encourage you to supply your unique measurements at the checkout. This was part of the reason my clothes are made to orders, to give you that opportunity. I will always have an inclusive size range because of this.



Diversity is something I take very seriously. I will hire people bases only on their skills and potential the way it's meant to be. When the time comes to hire models I will always keep in mind finding representation for a range of people of different walks of life. 



Slow Fashion Practices

I am someone who is strongly against fast fashion as it produces such negative impacts on our earth. I want Celestin to be apart of the solution not the problem.

By having a made to order system it not only allows the product to fit you perfectly but also allows me to be responsible with product stock. I also only release a maximum of two collections a year. 


Reuse, Recycle 

I'm constantly thinking about the waste created by my business throughout all stages. While it is a working progress to become a zero-waste and circular fashion label. My goal is to always be as sustainable as I can be in the present moment. Which is why I'm setting my business up for these practices, saving all my scraps to then be repurposed into new products.


Buy Less, Buy Better    

As a brand I'm not going to encourage you to buy clothing for the heck of it, that's not my style. You need to love the clothes and know you'll wear them for years to come. This is why you'll always find me encouraging you in one way or another to find your personal style and shift your mindset that was programmed by fast fashion companies. That way you can buy less, buy better.  



Of The Ocean 

Microplastic fibers are a big part of our plastic palliation issues within the ocean. As a designer, I have a massive role to play. I can not control if you have a microplastic fiber wash bags. I can, however, give you aesthetically pleasing alternatives to synthetic fabrics that are created.


Of Biodiversity

All fabrics have been sourced from deadstock suppliers. This means I'm repurposing fabric that would have otherwise been taken to landfill, berried or burned. I also use recycled materials within my packaging. 


Of The Atmosphere 

Something I have always been self continues of is my carbon footprint as it's something that has such a great impact on the earth and is difficult to undo. This is a personal value that is carried in the practices of my business. I try to source as much as I can locally and have now created a plan to donate $1 of every product purchased to One Tree Planted. 


Be you

You're probably wondering what I mean by this, it's kind of a weird value to have. What it means to me is being able to live a life without judgment in a community that allows it. When you have this inner desire to be your divine true self it can be uncomfortable to share with the world but I want Celestin to be here for you to push through those growing pains. I hope that the designs of Celestin and content shared reflect that value of "Be you, be bold".