1 Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a non for profit organisation that started in 2014. They have a mission to increase reforestation all over the world, create a healthier climate and protect biodiversity.

While these trees are good for the environment they also benefit the nearby communities. Job opportunities are provided by the forestry industry. Sustainable tree farming provides timber to build homes and shelters, and wood to burn for cooking and heating. Not only that but food-producing trees provide fruit, nuts, berries, and leaves for community consumption as well as animals!

I am extremely continuous about global warming. I wanted to put something in place for my business that supports that personal value. I'm from Australia, it can be difficult to source sustainable options locally creating a larger carbon footprint. While I eventually want my business to be carbon natural this attempt to offset my carbon footprint is the best I can do at the moment.

With every product sold 1 tree will be planted to offset the products carbon footprint.

Once a yearI will be making a donation to plant the trees. When I do I will be sent a certificate and progress updates of our plantations. This way you know where your money is going and I get to be as transparent as possible!

The exciting thing about 1 Tree Planted is that we get to decide where the trees get planted. This is where I want to get you guys involved!
Make sure you follow me on Instagram where I will be doing polls when the time comes to select where we will be planting!

I'm so excited for this adventure and I hope you are too!


Donations Made

October - December 2020