Custom Designs

Want a one of a kind outfit that's sustainable and dreamy?

Trying to find the perfect outfit for your event or trying to find the perfect staple dress for your wardrobe that screams your whimsical gothic vision? Then you’re on the right page.

My custom service allows you to design your garment from start to finish or gives you the flexibility to change a Celestin original design. All you need to do is submit a form below to answer the relevant questions. I will then email you back within 24h to talk to you further.

A 50% deposit is required before production. From there you can do a one-off payment or pay in 4 instalments.

Please keep in mind bespoke prices can range anywhere between $75au - $1,500au. This all depends on the detail in the individual piece.

Discounts and AfterPay don't apply to my Custom Service. 

If you have any questions please email


In the message bar please answer the following questions: 

Existing Celestin Design Changes:

  1. Are you looking to customise an existing Celestin design? If so, what is the style name?
  2.  What would you like to change about the Celestin design eg. did you want to use a different existing fabric, change the sleeve style, add some trim, change the closure ext.
  3. What size are you after [XS – XXL]? Would you like it made to your measurements? (No extra cost)
  4. Please enter your size or personal measurements. Don’t know how to measure yourself? Click here for more guidance.

Bespoke Custom Design:

  1. If you would like to design your dream outfit, then describe in the best detail that you can what you would like it to look like. Please include things such as colour, length, trims, does it have ruffles, gathers, and pleats. (if you have a Pinterest mood board please link it)
  2. What kind of fabric do you want it to be made off? Is it cotton printed with small roses in a repeat pattern or a black lace trim with dark purple velvet?
  3. Are there any other requirements for the design you would like to mention?

Please keep in mind that the Bespoke Custom Design is fully crafted to your design with some of my professional input. It will be at a higher price point. Your design may require me to source potential fabrics, create a custom fabric textile print, draft a pattern unique to your size and style, and sample your design to ensure it's the perfect manifestation of your dreamy garment. Then of course produce your magical garment. 


I do not do the following:

  • Copy another designer's design, plagiarism isn't cool!
  • Make wedding dresses 
  • Source fabric from unethical organisations or places I don't trust 


What's your dream outfit?