Sustainability is a never ending journey and Celestin tries to constantly improve it’s impact everyday. 

Key Focuses 

Natural Fibers: I try to use as many natural fibres as I can. Something that tends to slip our mind is microplastic fibres that are released into the ocean damaging our marine life.

Made To Order: To ensure no waste is created during production I make all orders made to order. This allows you to also included your personal measurements and ask for design adjustments at the check out. Currently there are set listings that were previously for markets however due to Covid-19 they are now listed online.    
Carbon Footprint: I try to source the majority of my supplies from manufactures within Australia. I also focus on sourcing from deadstock fabric stores that have already shipped supplies to Melbourne. 
    Ethics: I ensure that all the employee from the manufacturers are working in a safe environment with a fair wage. While I can not visit most places I ask the right questions to ensure they’re abiding by what they sate.
      Recycled Packaging/ Recyclable: I would like to only use recycled packaging in every aspect and that is something I am currently working towards. The mailler I currently use are made out of corn and are biodegradable. Thank you cards and business cards are made out of recycled paper.

        2021 Main Focus

        1. Finding care labels and brand labels made from natural fiber
        2. Begin creating zero waist products/ practices 
        3. Beging sourcing recycled fabrics 
            To make these sustainable goals to come true however I need your support and belief in the label. Without your support, there can not be any growth to add on to Celestin’s positive impact.

            It's a Journey 

            While Celestin focuses on sustainability I am aware that there's always improvements to be made. I will always be searching for a more sustainable option that gives you the design look that you want. It's a process and will take time but Celestin is moving in the right direction in bringing you a sustainable and ethical label that speaks your truth.