You may or may not no this but Celestin has a 0 bullshit policy. I'm not going to tell you this is a sustainable brand because there's no such thing.

What I will tell you though is that I strive to improve sustainable practices used. I promise to always focus on that.

You and I both want the same thing a healthier planet and ethical standards.

Today this is how I practice sustainability at Celestin (last updated 16/7/21)

Business Model

Celestin runs on a 'made to order' business model. This ensures all clothes get made to high standards by me in Melbourne. This makes sure there's little to know dead-stock products. Unpopular designs or fabrics can get repurposed.

in new ways for the following collection. This allows your orders to get made to your measurements! Having Celestin designs as inclusive as possible.


To help reduce the waste in the fashion industry. I source majority of my fabrics from dead-stock suppliers. These fabrics are from other designers and fabric mills. These fabrics are no longer needed due to over production. If this fabric wan't used then it would go straight to landfill or burned releasing toxins.

The other half of my fabrics are original textile designs. The have been digitally printed onto fabrics using water based inks. This means there's no toxic dye waste and I can print the fabric on demand so I don't contribute to landfill. I use only OEKO-TEX-certified inks and GOT-certified fabrics in my original textile designs.

Currently the majority of fabrics used are all natural fibers. With the exception fo fabrics that can't yet be replicated using natural fibers, but are still required to create the whimsical goth aesthetic we all love. Please keep in mind, the boning used in corsets, some zip taps and our care labels get made out of synthetics.


Majority of the packaging is made from recycled paper and can be recycled again. The mailers are compostable. The 'thank you' cards are hand made by me using scrap pattern paper used within the business. You can plant your 'thank you' cards. Growing either lavender or chamomile flowers to create your home made teas.

Carbon Footprint

I try my best to source everything within Australia. That has proven to be a difficult task. To help offset each products carbon footprint. 1 tree gets planted with every product sold find out more here. I also use curial services that are already carbon neutral.

Like everything this is a journey. I will always be thinking of new ways to improve Celestin's sustainability practices.

This way you can shop guilt free.