Brand Story

The Beginning of Celestin...

I always struggled with finding a sustainable fashion brand that was in my style. I wanted something sultry, dark and eccentric… not beige or another oversized boho look. Not that there's anything wrong with that it just isn't my style nor some other peoples.

So back then my options were, do I feel guilty and buy from fast fashion, thrift or not buy at all?

I always chose the latter option. It was rare to find what I was looking for during a thrifting season with my Virgo brain. 


I knew two things when I started this label:

1. It had to be as sustainable as possible

2. It had to uplift and bring people together


That's when on October 7th 2019 Celestin was born. 

Bringing sultry and eccentric fashion to women who shop consciously and love the earth.

While this is just the beginning I have so many ideas for this label and I hope you join me on this journey!


The seed to fashion... 

Growing up I was exposed to the world of fashion. As a little girl, I would spend hours in my grandmas' studio as she sewed for clients and fashion brands in Melbourne. When she had her custom design client. I would watch as the client weaved through the emotions of uncertainty to joy and confidence, as they tried on the final product. Then to hear how on the day of their event they felt beautiful in their dress.


My grandma would take me to her meetings with the designers of the fashion labels she worked with. I would always witness the endless amount of fabric scraps they were going to throw out. 

One day I started asking them if I could take them with me to play with. I remember this one time I received 3 full large garbage bags and I was so excited! I would take them back to my grandmas' studio where I started pinning them to her manikin designing my own clothes. 

Years later I reflected on just how much waste they actually created.


Fast forward I studied fashion in high school and Uni. Along the way, I started an accessories brand but it didn't stick because of the fear I felt. I interned in the industry and freelance in companies. After a while, I realised just how toxic the industry could be.

I said fuck my fears! I'm starting my own brand because if I didn't agree with the environment I'm in and the products I'm working with. Then I'll create my own!